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 Global Wealth Management, LLC.
Investors chasing recent performance of equity funds (by jumping into the funds with euphoria), and yanking moneys out of these funds in response to market declines (dynamics of greed and fear) is costing them severely by cutting into their wealth compounding. Investors are well advised to ignore short-term volatility , to dollar cost average their investments, and buy and hold. Please read the attached article based upon the St. Louis Federal Reserve's study.
Market timing is detrimental to Investor Returns
Currency hedging on foreign investments held in local currencies (to US dollars)is often offered by fund managers to either reduce or eliminate the additional risk and volatility. However, investor experience documents the futility of this (rather expensive) exercise. Please read this informative article from Bloomberg.
So much for currency hedging on foreign investments!
Investors often confuse "speculating in stock markets" with "wealth building". They are sold a bill goods by "portfolio managers" claiming that they can "beat the market indices" by their "stock picking" or "market timing" process. However, all such endeavors are doomed to fail (as the 2013 Nobel Prize in Economic winners suggest), and are injurious to investors long - term financial security. Best path for investors is to adopt a "discipline of investing" that is suitable to their risk tolerance, and make "time" their friend via compounding of wealth.
Are financial markets efficient? Can portfolio managers beat market indices?
Obamacare is supposed to be off to a flying start on October 1, 2013. However, it is having a bit of starting trouble, primarily due to political posturing on both sides of the isle in US Congress, and due to the administration's desire to ram through the program down America's throat by any and all means. Please read the attached Bloomberg article that give a rundown on current state of affairs in the launch of Obamacare.
Obamacare is suffering a bit of starting trouble
Managed futures funds often hold themselves as a risk reduction tool for investor portfolios. However, real world experience of investors is quite different. Attached is an article from Bloomberg that discusses this conundrum.
Managed (dismal) futures investing..
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Our primary mission is to help investors build long - term wealth, financial security, and peace of mind via investment portfolios That seek principal preservation, inflation hedge, growth of capital invested, and income and liquidity (where needed) - consistent with client objectives, goals, and risk tolerance. We seek to reduce portfolio volatility while consistently optimizing risk adjusted returns. Our services include financial planning and investment management. GWM services are suitable for high net worth individuals, private family offices, and pension plans for privately held companies and professional practices. GWM is registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission as an adviser and its services are fee (only) based.
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